Blabbermouth 7.5/10

If you’re old enough to remember when punk rock was all about broken windows and police sirens rather than wacky lyric videos and brightly colored merchandise, you may find “Cause And Affect” to be a suitably jaw-shattering return to punk propriety. Formed in London in 1981 and splitting three years later, the original SOLDIERS OF… Continue reading Blabbermouth 7.5/10

Kerrang! 4/5

Much of what passes for punk these days is a little too polite and unfailingly correct. Not so the Soldiers Of Destruction. As Anti Them detonates the album in a furious, one-minute, anti-this and anti-that tirade, the most obvious reference point is the gloriously boorish Anti-Nowhere League. It’s a comparison that crops up again on… Continue reading Kerrang! 4/5